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The Litoro Foundation was founded on the notion that every child deserves an equal opportunity to live out his or her dreams. Our name is at the heart of this philosophy with “Litoro” meaning “dreams” in the African language of Southern Sotho.

South Africa faces an unacceptably significant difference in the quality of education between its rural, public schools and leading private schools. High pupil to teacher ratios, high grade repetition rates and low Matric pass rates are prevalent among many of the poorest schools, with Grade 9 students from the poorest 60% of South African schools being 5 “years” of learning behind their wealthier peers. Such consequences are testament to the impact that an insufficient number of desks, limited learning materials, poor sanitation, and a lack of electricity and internet access inevitably has on the learning capabilities of aspiring pupils.

In order to combat these issues, The Litoro Foundation runs a number of multi-faceted projects with the help of its dedicated sponsors and team of volunteers.

Scholarship Programme

The Litoro Foundation identifies talented and driven children from underprivileged backgrounds whose potential can be fully realised by attending an excellent school that offers opportunities unavailable to them in their current schooling environment. With the assistance of our sponsors, we organise scholarships for these children to attend these schools, while also doing our best to provide transport, stationery, food and other necessities to help them to succeed in their new learning environments.

Mentoring & Tutoring Programme

Complementary to its goals for education, The Litoro Foundation also offers a one-on-one mentorship programme for each of its scholarship pupils to empower and develop them as confident individuals. Should they need any academic tutoring, the Litoro Foundation’s team of committed volunteer tutors will cater for their needs, alongside their usual outreach tutoring programme which is offered to underprivileged pupils outside of the scholarship programme.

Donation Drives

The Litoro Foundation is also in the process of establishing various annual donation drives. These drives will provide underprivileged students with essential books, stationery and blankets. Allowing students, beyond the scope of the scholarship programme, access to a superior foundation from which to learn. With the help of schools, families and students across the country, the Foundation aims to maintain these donation drives each year. By bettering the conditions and environment for learning, the Foundation hopes to reach more students and make a greater difference.



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