On behalf of everyone at the Litoro Foundation, there is simply no other way to put it but to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU. We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to all those involved in our successful Litoro Easter Donation Drive and because of all your collective efforts we were able to provide food and sanitary items to 76 families in Langa.

On the 31st of March 2020, we received an email from Nomonde Tshamlambo, a woman who runs Likhwezi Educare Centre and Aftercare, with the distressing news that many of the children who attend the aftercare are stuck at home with little to no food. Nomonde had taken it upon herself to buy fruit and vegetables for some of her students who are struggling the most. The food supplies for a lot of her students are very scarce and she estimated that by the 9th of April many of them won’t have much at all. She also mentioned that giving these children Easter eggs would help boost their sprites and give them faith that things will get better soon.

Through all your generous donations we were able to raise R22000 that directly translated into a collection of 76 Easter care packages collectively consisting of 52.5kg of samp, 21kg of beans, 63kg of apples, 52.5kg of oranges, 21kg of carrots, 147kg of potatoes, 63kg of onions, 126 loaves of bread, 42kg of maize meal, 105kg of sugar, 43kgs of peanut butter, 19kg of coffee, 42l of cooking oil, 76 tubes of toothpaste, 152 Dettol soap bars, 76 laundry bars, 76 bottles of bleach, and 2736 Easter eggs. The packages were created and allocated in accordance to the families’ needs, as determined by Nomande, who knows the families personally.

On the 9th of April 2020, the deliveries of these parcels were made by Pick n Pay at the Likhwezi Educare Centre and Aftercare. We ensured to follow all social distancing protocols and the families came to collect at varying times. Nomande and the families are so appreciative of our efforts and we are so content knowing we were able to bring joy over this Easter time, even amidst the difficulty hour country is facing.

A huge thank you goes to the Pick n Pay staff, especially the Vangate store manager, Darryl Mc Lachlan and CSM, Washiela, for going above and beyond normal protocol in getting the items delivered safely to Likhwezi Educare Centre and Aftercare.

The Corona Virus has taken a devastating toll on South Africa and an even greater impact worldwide. The coming weeks will be incredibly tough on the majority of South Africans and therefore we encourage everyone to continue making a significant difference wherever they can.

Thank you everyone for the support, keep safe and have a special Easter weekend.